Florals Gradation Day

Well I really and truly did it! What a journey!
Holy cow am I grateful for this experience. Some of it was long and arduous, but the majority of it was absolutely fantastic, in a get out of your comfort zone, stretch and grow sort of way!
What a challenging and fantastic program this is. There is truly nothing like it in the world. We just got thrown right into the deep end of the pool and we learned to swim!

So all week people were asking, “What are we painting on Friday?”
Doug always answered, “White flowers in a white pot, and you are painting on your own.”
…and everytime I would laugh and be like, “..and held by a polar bear in a blizzard hahaha!”
At the end of class yesterday I finally realized he was not joking.
All artists know that white objects are the hardest to paint because they are usually painted with anything but white.
Well, long story short, since I thrive on challenges, I decided to paint two paintings at once.

This is a Doug composition.

And this is an original Sherry Pence. I have been anxious to put my new skills to the test and I think I accomplished what I set out to do.
Mind you, orchids are about the only flower we didn’t learn how to paint so I had to teach myself in about 45 minutes.
Yay! I did a thing!

Thank you for joining me in this journey. It’s been a great chapter in my life!

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