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Day 5

Today is bittersweet.  It’s sad because it’s the last day of my first week, and many of the students I’ve met will be going home to return another time. And also sad because the rate at which time flew, means it will be over before I know it, and I’ll have to return to life as usual.
It’s happy because it’s the last day and I successfully completed the requirements and learned so many new and valuable things!

If you are new to my journey, I am wearing a new and different Bob Ross T-shirt every day of the 15 day course.
Here is today’s shirt:
I call this one “Space Bob”.

I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it! However, “Mod Bob” seems to be the clear favorite so far.

Yesterday was a tough day for everyone I think. The rigorous pace wore everyone out. We all seem a bit overtired today.  You wouldn’t believe how mentally demanding it is to be so focused and engaged for several hours on end.

Enough chatter, let’s get straight to today’s painting. I won’t ruin the surprise about how today’s format was layed out but what I will say is that everyone was done early. That’s a hint.

I’m not going to lie, I struggled today. Not because it’s a hard painting or because I didn’t know the elements but because of sheer exhaustion, as I mentioned earlier.
I kept dropping stuff, making a mess and staring at my canvas like a Zombie!

Okay, moving on. I want to discuss something that I fretted over for months before I started class. We are painting 25 canvasses in three weeks. Just how the stink are we supposed to transfer them home?

Bob Ross canvasses have a grooved lip on the back so that they can be wet stacked.
They come 6 canvasses to a box. So once painted, they are gently placed one on top the other. For example, as you can see here I placed today’s painting on top of yesterday’s.
Then the last canvass is left unpainted so the box can be safely and snugly closed up for transport. 
Pretty nifty right?!?
Here is Eddie, myself and Doug respectively. 
These are the wonderful hardworking instructors that will walk you through your certifications!
By the way, I highly recommend this documentary! Both of our aforementioned esteemed instructors are in it.
I’ll pop in over the weekend, I might try to do a painting or two on my own. 

Day 4

A short backstory to regale how I got “here”.
I have always been a huge fan of BR. We have a lot in common,  we both adore nature and animals and bringing joy to others.
Currently I live on a farm with no television or internet, but I got a new phone and was able to figure out how to download Bob Ross episodes from Netflix and Amazon and cast them to my television.
I was enamored all over again, and even though I am an artist,  preferring watercolors, I never had an interest in oils. I found the medium expensive, tedious and messy.
But I decided what the goob! There’s no time like the present, and set my mind to giving it a go.
What I didn’t know was how stinking FUN oils can be!
And the way Bob set up his teaching format, even someone with no previous painting knowledge or skills can have a measure of success with their very first painting.
My first attempt was off the charts awesome! (At least that was what I thought in my head at the time lol!)
So I kept going. I’ve only been painting since January of this year. I found out through Bob’s videos and further research that they had teacher training programs that are still going on to this day, so I became intrigued.
And here is the clincher, I learned that Bob and I share the same birthday.  Well, I knew this must be destiny…’s ON!
Basically,  2017 is ” Year of the Bob” for me.
Now on to today’s T-shirt:
I Call this one “Mod Bob”. It’s one of my favorites.

So I’m pretty happy in this photo. I woke up feeling rested and I got this chai latte for free from “Hottie Coffee”. The owner wanted me to feel welcome to the area.  Super neat lady, check her out if you make it to town.

We started with a super loaded palette as opposed to yesterday.
We painted a complex and demanding painting and here it is.

Lol! Yes, this really is my painting. Eddie put it in a frame which improved it a bazillion fold.
Haha see,

This day wore me out, but in a good way!
See you tomorrow!

Day 3

Still woke up tired, but I’ve finally pinpointed why. I just started watching this show on Netflix called “Skin Wars” over the past 3 days, it’s a realty show about individuals who paint on human bodies. What’s not to love right?
Well, it has been giving me disturbing dreams, so no more watching it right before bed for me.
Now here is the crazy thing, one of my fellow students is an accomplished body painter and some of the contestants on the show are friends of his.
Here is his link. His work is amazing.

Anyhow, this is just to prove my point about the caliber of talented artists taking this class.

So, here is today’s shirt. How can anyone not love the Bob?!?
This particular photo of him is the bomb dot com!

Today was a fun day. We used contact paper to paint one of Bob’s classic ovals. We covered the interior of the oval with black gesso and denoted the horizon with masking tape.

This can only mean one thing!

Sorry this post is a bit late tonight. After class I went down to the beach and then took a very long walk.
See you tomorrow!

Day 2

Day two.
Woke up a bit tired today, I guess that is to be expected with all the excitement.
As opposed to yesterday we jumped right in with loading our palettes and slicking our canvases.
After that we actually took a little time to get to know one another. We have a very full class with so many already talented artists of all ages and backgrounds.  It’s a very exciting environment.

Here is me and Bob just chillin.
I love painting in a room where every wall is covered with Bob’s originals. Seriously, it’s hard to put into words the sheer magnitide!

How do you like my shirt today?
I have 20 more T’s to go. I bought a bunch of t-shirts that averaged around $2 a piece so I kinda went nuts with designing and had a ton of fun!

We don’t know what we will be painting each day and today we started with a somewhat limited palette:

I guessed it would be some kind of snowscape and I was correct.
Here it is:

Make sure to come back tomorrow and share this adventure with me.

Day One

Okay, the first day was everything I could have hoped for and more. Just Wow!
I made some friends right away. I love the instructors and I learned so much.  Painting all day is a lot of work but I can’t wait for tomorrow.
After class, I walked down to the beach in the rain and saw the Atlantic Ocean. I’m a Pacific NorthWest girl so I thought this was pretty cool!

Here is my T-shirt today.
If you remember from yesterday’s post, I will be unveiling a new and different Bob Ross t-shirt every day!

To add icing on an already AWESOME cake,  Twitch Superstar Nic Hankins popped in to visit. He was gracious enough to let me take a selfie with him and kindly listened to me babble. Nic, if you see this I humbly apologize.

I think the thing that blew me away the most was seeing some of my boy Bob’s original paintings.  Television and photos in no way do them justice. The detail is unreal. Boy does he set the bar high.
I almost cried when I got to see the easel that Bob used on TV for many years.
I don’t geek out on much,  but I sure geeked out today.
Well, you are probably waiting to see what I painted today, so without further ado:

See you tomorrow!

Day Zero

After a two day drive across 4 States I arrived in New Smyrna Beach FL where the original Bob Ross school is located.
I settled into my airbnb and then took off exploring my new surroundings.

This is the first time in 21 years that I am doing something totally for myself with the blessing of my family of course,  and I couldn’t be more excited!

I will unveil a totally new and different Bob Ross t-shirt every day as well as share my progress during the 3 weeks of certification courses.

Well I must rest, I have an awfully big day ahead tomorrow.