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Florals Week 1 Day 4

I can’t believe it’s day 4 already! This week has gone by so fast.
After finding out what we were painting today I got really excited because I’ve been looking forward to this painting forever!

Today was a good day! Everything we’ve learned up to this point finally started clicking for me.
I’m really excited for tommorow!

Florals week 1 Day 3

This is a new one. I think it’s hilarious. What do you think?

So yeah, today was a LOT! I’m looking forward to when all this information starts to click. Doug and Eddie, (our instructors), are world class teachers and I certainly would not have been able to do this without them.
This is full immersion art instruction. We are learning in a few days what most people learn over months and years.
It is a fantastic program! I am so thrilled!
With that said, once again, I am utterly exhausted…but in a good way.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow, we will be painting a beauty!

Floral Certs Week 1 Day 2

If you didn’t guess yesterday’s T- shirt,  the answer is……wait for it…..”Bob Moss”!

Today’s T is self explanatory.

Today was pretty intense, we did this bouquet with numerous elements, and here you can see the fruits of my labor. Unfortunately, all that I am currently able to see is how much more work and practice I need to put in. But I am happy and grateful to do so.

Can’t wait to see what tommorow holds.

Floral Certification Week 1 Day 1

Hello again! I’m back, but this time I’m getting certified in Bob Ross Florals.

If you followed my three week Landscape Certification blog, you may remember that I wore a different and unique Bob Ross T-Shirt every single day; each one designed and made by yours truly.

While I don’t have a brand new design to showcase EVERY day, I do have a few new T’s to share with you, starting with today’s design.

This one is subtle and has a punchline. Credit goes to my husband for this idea.

Do you get it?

If it’s too subtle I’ll share the answer in tomorrow’s post.

Okay, so I need to back track a bit. I flew all the way from the West coast to the East coast a few days early so that I could take an extra class that I had previously won. The painting above is the result of that class.

Over the weekend, (finding myself temporarily free of my many responibilities), I became super bored and decided to paint this seascape.

Now we are caught up to the first day of Floral Certs. The first day is a firehose of information.
Florals could not be more different from Landscapes. Everything is different, the brushes, the paint and certainly the technique.
We spent the whole day learning how to use our floral brushes to create different strokes etc…
we even use our paints in a completely different way.
I can tell already that I’m going to really enjoy the next few weeks.

Since we loaded our brains with so much new information, I decided to go back to my shanty and re-paint today’s exercise all over again.
I can tell that I have quite a way to go in this style of painting, but I’m enthusiastically looking forward to this journey.

The re-cap

I thought it would be nice to do a condensed re-cap of the three weeks.

Extra paintings from CRI Fridays and group challenge.

And here are all the shirts:

And because a few have asked, here is the brief and anticlimactic story behind my Twitch handle: “BobRossStar”. 
My wonderful goofy husband makes a hobby of “playing on words”. When I started my painting journey this year he walked in on the middle of one of my paintings and said,  “You are such a RossStar!
… there it is!

Well this is a lot of Bob in one place people! I hope you can handle it!

Week Three: Day 5. Last Day….or is it?

It’s the last day, and here is my last t-shirt.  I’m going to miss all my new friends, but thanks to social media we’ll be able to keep up with one another.
I realized today that this isn’t the end of a wonderful experience but rather the beginning of a much bigger adventure.  
I can’t wait to get out there and bring joy to others through this medium.
Does anyone want to be my guinea pig students now that I have my license to thrill?
Check it my peeps!

How ya like me now????

I wanted to share my painting apron, it was sparkly new three weeks ago.  Boy does it have some stories to tell!

Here is the last painting of our training.
We painted this without the usual guidance from our instructors. 
We learned how to set up our classrooms and some of the ins and outs of the business side.
This blog is far from over. I’m going to post a re-cap tomorrow so you can see all the paintings together.
……and I have decided to come back to get certified in florals.
So with that and all my upcoming painting adventures, I expect this blog to get even more exciting.
Please consider subscribing if you want to hang out with me!

Channeling Bob

I am just as crazy about animals as Bob was. I have had so many fun animal encounters since the first day I arrived. I saw squirrels, lizards, a racoon, armadillo, snake, egrets, pelicans, ibis, and a plethora of other birds.
I swear it’s Bob visiting me. This especially cute little guy visited me one morning before class.

He landed outside my car window and hung out with me for quite awhile.

Then one evening after class I decided to check out an antique store because apparently that was one of Bob’s favorite pastimes.

I didn’t expect to find anything. I just like to browse and wanted to kill some time, then all of a sudden this thing basically cocka doodle doo’d right in my face so of course I had to take him home!

It’s a stained glass rooster lamp! It’s the greatest thing since EVER!
Thanks Bob! I know you are watching out for me!

Week Three: Day 4

This was the first painting of the day. We practiced mountains without snow. It’s a little different; a bit harder to get the paint to break. 
Doug showed us how to paint boats and gave us the option to do so today. This is my first ever boat. It’s kinda cute!

 This is our second painting of the day.
Purple plus waterfall? What’s not to love?
Here is today’s T-shirt. I call it “Barnacle Bob”.

 So I showed these boxes before.  This is what our Bob Ross canvases come in when they are new and then we use them to wet stack the paintings for travel.

 If you tape your boxes together like so, you can ship them as one parcel. Bob Ross students get a 10% discount at the local UPS.
The price varies on the distance,  but to give you an idea what to expect, this parcel plus a smaller box of paints cost $100 to ship from NSB to San Francisco. That is including the discount.

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day. I’m elated to be getting my certification so I can go out into the world and start teaching. I’m also missing my family like crazy, so I can’t wait to get back to them.  But I’m sad to see this experience come to an end. It’s been just awesome!

Well, before I get too mushy I’ll say, “See you tomorrow.” Because it’s not over quite yet!

Week Three: Day 3

Oh man! Today was one of my very favorite days of this certification program. We were given a maximum of 10 minutes to complete a painting, and I completed mine in:

Holy stink, I mean remember last week when I was so proud of myself for doing it in 40 minutes????
After completing our 10 minute paintings we had to move to our neighbors painting and improve upon theirs, and then again to the next painting.  It was a blast!

So I think the point of this exercise was to prepare us to demo once again in front of a group. But this time we had 30 minutes. So if we can do it in under 10, imagine what we can do in 30.

I completed mine in 26 minutes and my team challenged me to throw in a cabin in the remaining four. Challenge accepted!

We got done early and Doug treated us to a wildlife demo.

This is the demo about halfway through.

Even with the demo, we finished class with a healthy amount of time left over.  So I went rogue  and took the cruddy 10 minute painting from this morning and scraped half of it down and did this:

I ran out of time so it is not complete…hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

….and because I know how much you love this part….today’s shirt: