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Bob Ross Certified CRI, CRFI

I was one of those kids that some might say “had an overactive imagination”.  I had plenty of imaginary friends and the whole world was full of color and endless possibilities.

As an adult however, somewhere along the way the world became a dark and hostile place. So it is important to me as a creative person to do whatever it takes to reconnect with the carefree fun loving child within me.

I have spent a lifetime following my curious heart which has resulted in a wonderful menagerie of experiences, education and discovery. All of these things ultimately brought me to an understanding that my greatest joy is teaching.

There is a profound sense of escapism in the midst of the creative process. This moment of bliss, total freedom, and self discovery is what I want to share with others. Let me help you re-discover the carefree and joyous child within you.

Sherry Pence is a maker, inventor, creator, and all around artist of many different mediums including but not limited to, ceramics, metal working, tatting, photography, water colors, and oils.

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